Welcome to My Teaching Partner-Math/Science

We provide Mathematics and Science curricula that:

  • Help young children succeed; particularly those likely to struggle in school.
  • Provide multi-sensory, teacher-guided explorations of Mathematics and Science in everyday surroundings.
  • Emphasize student inquiry, developing students' Mathematics and Science knowledge and skills along with their thinking and language development.
  • Anchor explorations in an excellent collection of children's literature in Mathematics and Science, and extend learning in creative extensions throughout the day.

We support teacher implementation through:

  • Video-based activity demonstrations show real teachers implementing each activity with high fidelity and high quality teacher-child interactions.
  • "Bite-sized," evidence-based teaching tips on best teaching practices and how children learn, as well as quick overviews of key Mathematics and Science concepts.
  • Specific recommendations for differentiated instruction, for students who need more scaffolding or who would benefit from additional challenge.
  • Support for language modeling and a five-step inquiry process.

"Children responded enthusiastically to the activities... We really went into depth on things that we never did before."
MTP Math Science received the 2010 outstanding practice award from the Association of Educational Communication and Technology.